“What is important to know about modern skill-based slot machines.”

Slots and Skills

Some time ago, many players discovered skill-based slot machines and it has been a very popular pastime ever since. There are many forms of these machines, for example, they could be arcade-style games, fighting and combat games, memory games, physical and sports skills games puzzle games, and many others, so in order to play these kind of slots you need to have skills. These games allow players to feel, that they are in charge, that they are in control, however, this is not entirely true. Thus, today, we would like to explain to you some main aspects of skill-based slot machines, which are important to know.

What is the difference between a Traditional Slot Machine and a Skill-Based Slot Machine?

As we have mentioned before skill-based slot machines require an appropriate skill and understanding of the game, whereas traditional slot machines’ outcomes depend on randomness. Some of the main differences are, that players cannot hold control over a standard slot machine, as the result depends on the specific RNG, however, a skill-based slot machine allows them to influence outcomes through their skill.

Another difference is – games and their forms. When a gambler plays with a traditional slot machine, all that is required is to insert money, press the button, and wait for the outcome, whereas skill-based slot machines require players to think and actively participate.

One more difference concerns the payout. Traditional slot machines have predefined combinations of symbols, which influence the payout, however, skill-based slot machines allow players to apply their skills fully, so players can have a higher winning, meaning if you have a better skill, your winning will be higher and vice versa.

Last but not least is engagement. For example, if you play with a traditional slot machine, there is no engagement in the process, everything is really simple, and there is no need to plan anything, or use a skill or strategy, but if you play with a skill-based slot machine, you can learn, explore new strategies, enjoy an interactive gambling experience, and in general, you actively participate in the game.

Nevertheless, whether it is a traditional slot machine or a skill-based slot machine, both of them have RTP (return to player). For example, if traditional slots have a higher RTP, it means, that a player has a chance of better winning, whereas skill-based slots machine’s RTP takes into account the maximum skill level a player can reach. For example, if a player has the best skill, it can help him/her to reach the maximum RTP of the game.

“Mongol Treasures 2: Archery Competition”,”Space Invaders”, “Danger Arena”, “Wrecking Ball”, or “Pharaoh’s Secret Temple”

Some of the most popular skill-based slot machines.


To conclude, on the one hand, skill-based slot machines, really depend on skills, as better skills influence results, and help to achieve better outcomes, however, on the other hand, let’s not forget the fact, that it is still a game aiming to provide players with an interactive and exciting game, and a skill is useful only for bonus rounds, thus, luck plays an important role too. Please, bear in mind, that you can play only if you are 18+, and remember, that gambling can be addictive, so play responsibly.

Where can I play skill-based slots?

If you’d like to play skill-based slots, we recommend checking out one of the most popular games, for example, “Mongol Treasures 2: Archery Competition” by Endorphina in one of these online casinos:

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