What is the Reload Bonus? – And how to claim it?

Most of the Online Casinos offer several ways of treating their registered players who are already passed their Welcome Bonuses. One of these bonuses called the ‘Reload Bonus’. With this bonus, players can profit from an attractive deposit bonus while they are reloading their casino account with credits. A reload bonus gives the player an opportunity to claim a certain percentage of their initial deposit as a bonus and either exclusively organized for a specific player or as a fixed or regularly returning promotion. The percentage of a regular bonus normally is between 50% and 150%. Sometimes, a reload bonus is accompanied by additional Free Spins that are activated upon depositing.

The explanation of Reload Bonus

When a casino offers you a bonus with the reload on it what does that actually means? It gives you multiple bonuses on a certain amount, lets say they offer 3 reloads – one 200% and two 100% with a max amount of €1000 you will be able to make three different deposits with a bonus on it but you can’t exceed the €1000 amount. Pretty sweet right? Yeah indeed it is, this is something that gives you the possibility to divide your deposits over more bonuses. At the time of this post, there are not too many casinos that offer a reload bonus but our list always updates so you find the latest casinos that provide the reload bonus below.

There are also casinos that use a certain amount of bonus money per reload so always make sure to check the terms of the bonus to make sure you don’t lose the bonus. We always recommend our players to read the terms and conditions on every casino that seems interesting. If you break the ToS the casino has the rights to block you from making a withdrawal or add up an extra wager to your bonus. Imagine you win a big amount of money and when you initiate the withdrawal it gets canceled because you have made a spin over the max bet or played games that you were not allowed to.

Always read the terms and conditions

It is possible to make an account at several casinos to benefit from the bonus system. Every casino likes to welcome new players, so a ‘welcome bonus’ is part of the package. Obviously they want you to stay, so this is why these places often give you other bonuses as well like the reload version. Always read the terms and conditions of the online casino you want to play in. By doing so, you know exactly how the bonus system works and what to expect.

There are also casinos who invite players by sending them an e-mail for participating in Reload Bonuses. Often this done to re-activate a player that registered but does not play much or not at all. By offering the Reload Bonus, an online casino hopes the customer will start visiting the online casino and keep doing it for a long time. There are also casinos that organize Reload Bonuses that can be claimed by all of the registered players. In this case, the player will get a bonus upon the first deposit of the month or week.

The Best Online Casinos That Offer Reload Deposit Bonuses

Difference Welcome & Reload Bonus

The main difference between a Reload Bonus and a Welcome Bonus is that a Welcome Bonus only can be claimed once and a Reload Bonus is a regular promotion. That’s why the best online casinos are those that have a profitable Welcome Bonus as well as a nice amount of returning Reload Bonuses to claim. If a player feels that he is not being offered Reload Bonuses quite often, he can contact the casino’s customer support. The customer support will provide players conditions that will make them eligible for receiving and claiming great bonuses.

In most of the cases, a casino only offers promotions when completing certain wagering requirements. The average wagering requirement a casino applies to wager 30x to 40x times the total amount of the bonus which is received. It is always recommended to read the terms and conditions of promotions completely before accepting a bonus into an account. Doing this will avoid unforeseen withdrawal restrictions when trying to cash out winnings.

A lot of casinos offer Reload Bonuses on a regular basis and in particular the monthly reload bonuses are quite common. To keep informed about reloading casino promotions of casinos just visit the daily bonus news page on the site.


As a top casino offer, reload bonus has been the subject of many questions. Here some of the concerns and questions raised about this bonus, and the answers to keep everyone informed and properly guided:

  • Can I cash out your reload bonus?
    Some casino players will automatically think of withdrawing the bonus as soon as this has been reflected in the account. Well, just like other bonuses, the reload offer is also subject to wagering requirements that will range from 30x to 40x. An understanding of the Terms & Conditions (T&C) is needed before using the bonus offer
  • Can I use the reload bonus on other casino games like poker?
    This depends on the conditions set forth by the casino. But in principle, this casino bonus can work on different kinds of games. Just to be sure, check out what kind of reload bonus offered. Some casinos will specify if the bonus is a poker reload bonus. Also, there are times when the reload bonus will run for a limited time or associated with a specific listing of games or casino tournament
  • Is there a difference between the Welcome Bonus offer and the reload bonus?
    As mentioned, the reload bonus can be bundled with the welcome offer. But on top of this, keep in mind that the reload bonus still different from the welcome offer since the reload casino bonus can be enjoyed multiple times, while the welcome offer only is given once, upon registration of the account

The use of a reload bonus is a perfect opportunity for players to increase their bankrolls, and enjoy the casino offerings for a longer period of time. When used the right way, a reload bonus can help a player try more casino games risk-free, and shoot for more casino games jackpots.  However, if you get some other questions, you can go to the “Contact us” and leave a message to us. Our team, at BonusManiac, will answer to all your questions.

When to Accept Reload Bonuses

Before you can accept a rеload bonus, you’ll need to make a deposit with the casino. Most would accept a Welcome Bonus after signing up, which would make the rеload bonus available. However, some sites don’t make it possible to claim a rеload bonus for players who manage to win. So, if you make a deposit, win big and withdraw, chances are that a rеload bonus won’t be available.

Furthermore, rеmember that rеload bonuses don’t just come in one shаpe. Some would providе the opportunity to boost your аccount balаnce after a bаd luck round. Others would makе the rеload bonus possiblе even while you have an аctive balance. This can аppear as happy hour bonusеs, second dеposit bonuses, and much morе.

It’s bеst to аccept a reloаd bonus whеn your аccount is еmpty. This аvoids the confusion of tеrms and conditions with prеvious promotions. You should аlso look ovеr the tеrms and сonditions. Ensurе the wаgering rеquirements аnd limits аre within rеason. The bonus аmount would bе smallеr than othеr bonusеs, which is normаl.

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