Online Casino Tournaments – Jackpot Pool Slots

Many people playing Online Casinos, but still don’t know what is the meaning of jackpots and tournaments. Wouldn’t it be great if you could cash in on a big win without having to deposit your entire savings? If you have ever played in an Online Casino Tournament then you know that it is possible. While the most popular type of tournament would be slot related, there are some Online Casinos that offer tournaments for table games such as Blackjack and Roulette too. The biggest appeal to these tournaments is that a large number of casinos offer ‘freerolls’ which are tournaments that do not require a deposit to get in.

You will be going head-to-head with players worldwide in real-time. You will be competing for the highest winnings so you can get a piece of the prize pool. Some tournaments last for a few hours, some 24 hours and there are even some that go on for days as we will discuss later. For this example, using Ignition Casino as they have very generous paying tournaments available for very little money. The “buy-in” is the dollar amount needed to join the tournament and the ‘re-buy’ is usually the same amount as the buy-in and is used when you run out of credits before the end of the tournament.

What To Expect

First, you must download the casino suite or enter the site in order to access the tournament list. Once you are on the main home screen of the downloaded suite, you will see the tournament link in the top navigation bar. Upon reaching the lobby, you will see the name of the tournament, the date it starts, the buy-in amount, and the re-buy amount.

Once you highlight your preferred choice, you will see the full details of the game on the right side of the screen. These details include the name of the slot machine you will be playing, the hours or days left for that particular game, and the cost to enter the game. You will also see the number of credits you will receive for each buy-in/re-buy and the number of players currently registered. This is also where you will find the amount of the prize pool that you will be playing for. The prize pool usually divided up between the top winning players and the number of players depends on the game.

Slot Tournaments

Online slots tournaments are becoming an increasingly popular option for slots fans as players search for a way to ramp up the competition in these classic online casino games. Because of their increased popularity, there are plenty of online gambling sites out there, that regularly offer online slot tournaments. Readout to learn more about what is jackpots and tournaments are. They are plenty of fun, but if you have never participated before, the idea of signing up can be a little intimidating. So, here is a quick guide that will take some of the mystery out of what slot tournaments are and how they work.

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The Best Online Casinos That Offer Jackpots and Tournaments

How do Slot Tournaments Work

Though slot tournaments may sound like a big event, they are actually just as easy to play as regular online slots. In fact, players compete on a specific online slot chosen from the casino’s game list. It can be any game: 3 reels or 5 reels, classic slot, or video slot. And, all you have to do to take part is sign up in the ‘tournaments’ section of the casino lobby.

Once signed up, you will be given a number of credits. Then, all you have to do is spin the reels of the designated game using these credits. As you play, your winnings will be added up and you will make your way onto the leaderboard. The top finishers will be rewarded a prize. Keep in mind that prizes can be handed out as far down as 2,000’th place, so your chances of walking away with money in your pocket are pretty good.

Types of Online Slot Jackpots and Tournaments

  • Scheduled Tournaments

These are by far the most common type of slot tournament. They are available in all online gambling sites out there offering tournament schedules. They stand apart from other types of tournaments because they set to start and finish at a certain date and time. To take part in them, you just visit the tournament section of your favorite online casino when registration opens up. Sign up and wait until the set starting time.

  • Buy-in Tournaments

Like scheduled tournaments, these are an extremely popular type of online slot tournament. They are tournaments that require players to pay a small entry fee in order to participate. These fees are always under €20 and often contribute to the prize pool in the tournament. To take part, get to the casino and sign up. You will be prompted to pay the registration fee and be given a number of credits to spin the reels. Online casinos will offer a range of entry fees, meaning that there is a buy-in tournament to suit all budgets out there.

  • Freerolls

This is a slot lover’s dream because it is a tournament that is completely free to enter and can bring in a massive amount of money. It is something for nothing, which all players can certainly appreciate. Freerolls are not quite as frequent as buy-in tournaments, but online gambling sites such as will offer one or two each month. All you have to do is get to an online casino offering a freeroll tournament and sign up. If you get some other questions, see the page “Contact us” and leave a message to us. Our team, at BonusManiac, will find the answers to your questions.

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