What is a Cashback Bonus Casino Program?

Cashback Bonus is the bonuses awarded to players to compensate them for losses incurred during a gaming session. You might consider them to be insurance policies that provide you with a return against a bad run of luck. The amount of money you receive back will vary from casino to casino and offer to offer. However, some Online Casinos have introduced policies whereby they will provide you with cashback on each and every bet you make. Some will even let you accumulate cashback against successful bets as well as losses these days.

Like many things found in the online gaming world, the idea of the Cashback bonus program first sprung from land-based casinos; where customers could look forward to extra perks such as free room upgrades, meals, and other goodies. The truth is, as lovely as those things are, they aren’t the cold, hard cash that most players desire. The first thing that any discerning player needs to know is that an online cashback bonus or cashback program is different from the welcome bonuses that many online casinos offer.

Cashback Bonus Types

The most popular and most direct form of cashback bonuses is based on the losses within a certain period. Online Casinos start the offer and give players the chance to opt-in and take part during a specific period of time. Once this over, the losses calculated as the difference between total bets placed and total winnings. The final bonus a percentage of that result, that often times varies from 10% to over 20%, and transferred to the account.

Another commonly used type of cashback at online casinos through bonus funds given to players based on their activity. These can be used to claim other offers at the casino and are generally more advantageous to long-term players that benefit from several such bonuses.

The Best Online Casinos That Offer Cashback Bonuses

How Cashback Works

While there are several ways cashback can work, the most common mechanic is with pre-set timetables. An example; found quite often online is with bonuses at the end of the week or even at the end of the month. The actual percentage can correlate with the level within the reward program as having a higher ranking can mean a better cashback offer.

As always, it is important to check the terms and conditions of cashback bonuses since these can be different between online casinos, and not all games may count. There usually maximum limits for the amount a player can get back at the end of the period and this too should bе considered.

Facts about the Cashback Casino

  • Online cashback bonus differs from other bonuses since you will receive actual money as cash or credit;
  • Make sure to read the terms and conditions applied to the Cashback Casino before playing any games;

Cashback Bonus Terms and Conditions

As with any promotion, one needs to read the terms and conditions applied to the Cashback bonus; make sure that the games you want to play, do actually pay. If Blackjack online is your poison, make sure that it falls under the Casino Cashback umbrella before playing! Something worth remembering here is that games that don’t offer the casino much edge usually aren’t part of the Casino Cashback deal.

You should also keep in mind wagering requirements and whether or not there is a cap on your offer. The truth is that when it comes to caps, there is no hard and fast rule, and while some sites place the cap at €500 a month; others will only allow players to get a maximum of €100 back a month. Ultimately, the only way that one can know these things if they read the terms and conditions; as thoroughly as possible and go through them with a fine-tooth comb.


  • Can I actually stick to this site long enough to fulfill the wagering requirements?

Committing yourself to a wagering requirement is no easy decision or one that you should take lightly. Once you’ve looked at an online casino’s cashback program and calculated how much you have to wager; it’s best to see if you and your pocket are up to the task at hand. It goes without saying that there is absolutely no point in you registering with the sole purpose of getting a cashback and then being unable to follow through. Other things that you should take into consideration are the casino’s games; overall design, and other fringe benefits that you will be able to enjoy if you sign up.

  • How regularly does the site payout a cashback bonus?

Since every online site operates differently and has its own rules; you need to recognize what would make you comfortable as an individual. The fact of the matter is that while some Cashback Casinos offer weekly Cashback Bonuses; others operate on a more conservative monthly basis. The key here is to familiarize yourself with the timeline of the particular casino’s cashback program before you join. As the old adage goes, there’s no point in crying over spilled milk or in this case, cashback casinos that don’t suit your pocket.

  • Is the cashback a permanent fixture at the casino?

While some online casinos have integrated the cashback feature as something central to their site; others have opted to make it available for a select few days a month. Furthermore, you need to watch out for the games which the cashback program applies to. If you’re looking for a regular cashback payout, steer clear of temporary programs and sites which will only offer you cashback a few times a year. Ultimately, it all comes down to you going through the terms and conditions as meticulously as needs are. However, if you get some other questions, you can go to the “Contact us” and leave a message to us. Our team, at BonusManiac, will answer to all your questions.

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